Countdown: 4 days to write about your Creativity Project HERE!

Hi all! You may remember at the beginning of the month, I challenged people to be their most creative selves in October… to try something new, to stretch, to take a risk. You can read more about it here.

One Day Extension! (Yup… I am giving you an extra day!)
Please describe or record the story of your Creativity Project(s) in the comments section below before midnight (Barcelona time) on Friday October 31st. If you are a blogger, please provide a link to your blog post or photos.

Draw for Gift Certificate
Everyone who leaves a comment about his or her Creativity Project will have their name entered into a draw for an gift certificate in the amount of 25 US dollars. From me. Just because!

On Saturday November 1st, I will post a summary/celebration of your cool Creativity Projects (and links) along with the name of the winner of the draw.

Tell us about your project below…


  1. Hi Monna. I discovered your blogs via the delightful Amy Palko :) this October I created a special project for women all around the world. You see, I recently became an ambassador for Women's Opportunity and decided to use social media and the creativity of women around the world to help drive awareness and raise funds for a trust bank in the Philippines. I have been so inspired by the responses which are still coming in (you are welcome to contribute too, of course) – with women writing a sentence about the power of a woman's investment. I will be putting together the quotes along with some of Amy's photos for a slideshare project – like thisThe best thing about this – it has involved women around the world just taking a moment of their time to collaborate and create something really special. We are all busy with work, family, friends etc but when you spend some time being creative AND making a difference- the results are so rewarding!

  2. Well I haven't lived up to taking pictures everyday but I have been at least every week. I am looking at starting a blog to share my pictures – I am still looking at doing that. I have been practicing my violin everyday this month. I am still looking for a teacher close by. Nobody plays violin in Waxahachie 🙁

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