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Less Ordinary
I would like to introduce you to Amy Palko who writes the endearing and enduring Less Ordinary. I first stumbled upon her blog (and by stumbled I mean the old fashioned kind of stumbling… as in found it) about a year ago. I quickly became a devoted reader.

Less Ordinary is a rare treat in the blogosphere. Amy is a brilliant writer, a thoughtful blogger and an amazing photographer. Check out her photographs of Autumn in Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens here. To encourage creativity in others she created a Flickr group called Photography Less Ordinary (open by invitation… just ask her for an invitation!) and recently launched the Changing Seasons Photo Challenge. She is genuinely interested in bringing bloggers and readers together in a community. She addresses her Twitter friends as “my lovelies”.

Although I have never met Amy, I do feel as though I know her a bit (isn’t it cool when that happens?) so I decided to e-mail her some questions about improving my blog. It was during that awful gut-churning blogging-identity-crisis that I wrote about here. When I asked for her opinion, she encouraged me to blog with passion and purpose. She wrote some other lovely and inspirational comments too but I think that some things should be private… even in the blogosphere. (Especially in the blogosphere.) Amy’s comments inspired me to be my best possible blogger-self and not to worry so much about Feedburner stats and about what other people said about blogging. Thanks, Amy!

Here are three photoblogs that I love… and which inspired the creation of 14 Lenses.

Paris Daily Photo
If you know me at all, or have visited Teacher Meets World, you will know that I am in love with Paris. (In fact, if you are reading this post between October 25th and 27th, I am in Paris NOW. Insert happy dance here!) Paris Daily Photo provides a daily photographic reminder of the City of Light and is brought to us by Eric who, describes himself in his Blogger profile as: “Friendly Parisian (yes, it does exist!)”
Here’s Eric’s invitation on the home page of his blog: You love Paris? You have never been to Paris but you would like a sneak preview? Then come here every day and you will find a brand new picture, taken by one of its inhabitants: me! Wish list (of photos!) welcome.
Eric has been blogging at PDP since March of 2005 and he has developed a legion of loyal followers. His comments section feels like a virtual party. The PDPers gather for an anuual picnic in Paris; this past year’s picnic was held on May 7, 2008.

3191, A Year of Evenings
This photo blog is a joint photography project between Mavis and Stephanie. They live 3191 miles apart; Stephanie lives in Portland, Oregon, USA and Mav lives in Portland, Maine, USA. They take their photographs in the evening and do not discuss them beforehand. Although they take photographs Monday through Friday, they don’t necessarily post every day. Before they began exploring evenings, they created 3191, A Year of Mornings.

Noticing Project
From their blog: The Noticing Project is a collaborative endeavor between artists Alicia Alferman and Heather Smith Jones. The notion of the project is to look intently and observe the small or ephemeral moments around us. The project began when we noticed similar things on the same day, unbeknownst to the other. See them here and here. Two days later this project became a collaboration. We will photograph and post images daily {mon. – fri.} throughout 2008. Thank you for looking.

Which slow blogs are you loving right now?


  1. Thank you so much for making Less Ordinary one of your first slow blogs! I couldn't agree more with your manifesto, and I'm so glad my email helped. I've just written a post sending my readers your way & I'm going to be adding Slow Blogs to my feedreader & my blogroll. What a great project! I'm looking forward to finding some great new blogs here :-)Amyxx

  2. Hi and nice to meet you :-)I'm lucky enough to have met Amy in the flesh and can attest to the fact that she is a wonderful blogging friend. I'm glad she gave you the encouragement you needed.I'm veyr interested in the idea of slow blogging, though have to confess I do enjoy going fast as well as creating more slow-ful content.Will be back soon

  3. @AmyPalkoHow great… here you are in the post and the comments. I was so happy to begin Slow Blogs with you and Less Ordinary. Your approach to blogging shows that one does not need to conform to a particular formula in order to be successful. Thank you for writing such a beautiful blog.@YoannaYoungHow lovely of you to visit and to tell us that Amy is as good in person as she is in bloglandia! I like your comment about enjoying fast sometimes… me too! As you pointed out, it's the motivation behind the speed that matters. Mindful. Full in every sense of the word.

  4. I read your initial post, manifesto and finally this post. It took me a while with it sitting there in my feed reader, but the subject matter begged mightily to be treated with reverence and thus to be consumed as slowly as possible. You are an inspiration to me.

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