The Art Outside the Uffizi in Florence

Photo Credit: DP, photo-snapping partner of the blogger

DP took this photograph at the Uffizi in Florence… but not inside the Uffizi. They (of the Uffizi art-collecting “they”) have erected a construction barrier around some work done that is being done just outside the entrance to the museum. In true Florentine fashion, this barrier is not decorated with graffiti but with art. As we walked up towards the Arno River, DP noticed reproductions of paintings, such as the one above, and stopped to take some photographs. Click here to see another of these photos at 14 Lenses. Lines for the Uffizi can be long without a reservation… but even lining up is more fun in Florence with construction barriers like these.

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  1. What a great story… I had completely forgotten about the decorative scrims that recreate the buildings under construction in Rome. Here in the states we just see ugly plywood walls or (if we're really lucky) ads

  2. @Meg (b2b)Thanks! I like it too! It was actually my partner who took the shot. The man in the photo just happened to be passing through at the right moment.@MaraMy post makes me wish I was in Florence too… except that I am in Barcelona and that ain't bad either :-)@DominiqueI have never seen such an artisitc use of construction barriers. They were inspirational!@WandermomI have passed your compliment along to DP. Next time, you must go to the Uffizi… on your very first day in Florence.@Nomadic Matt"Always the Renaissance." Nice!@Delicious BabyThanks for stopping by and for hosting our Friday photos. I agree that it would be great if construction wasn't synonymous with disaster area!

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