Three days in Paris… What would you do?

Photo Credit: DP

Yesterday I was a bit blue. Down-in-the-belly-of-the-whale-blue. This, however is a new day and I’m getting back up on that horse. I am pulling myself up by my travel bootstraps. Okay… you get the idea.

In a week, DP and I head to Paris for a three day weekend. (Teacher Girl performs happy dance here!) DP says that he’s never seen me quite as happy as I am in Paris. It’s true. La Ville Lumiere (the City of Light) is still my favourite place on earth and it matters not a bit to me if that sounds like a cliche. I am wildly and unapologetically in love with Paris. (Honestly, how can so many women be wrong?)

Before your toes curl up with jealousy, please know that this is only possible because we live in Barcelona, planned our trip months in advance, and were able to find a cheap flight with Vueling. Living in Barcelona has helped us become more budget-minded folks… and right now I am putting the F in frugal and the C in cheap. This weekend, for example, our plans include… Oh! Nothing! Certainly nothing that costs very much money. It will be mostly a stay-in weekend; we’ll watch Bones and Carnivale on DVD, cook, sleep in, work (a little), blog, and begin planning our NaNo WriMo novels for November. I will continue work on my PRP (Paris Research Project) for which I am currently reading Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris. You can read Clotilde’s delightful food blog Chocolate and Zucchini here. I am also knee-deep into Catherine Saunderson’s Petite Anglaise which reads like a romance novel. Read her blog here. We’ve just watched Sofia Coppola’s decadent film Marie Antionette. Faithfully, I have been checking Paris Daily Photo and David Lebovitz’ My Paris. I am very serious about my research.

We’ll be staying on Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement and the only thing we’ve planned is a visit to Versailles. Recent visits to the Palacio Real in Madrid and La Granja (Summer Palace) near Segovia here in Spain have left me wanting to know more about palaces in general and Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette in particular.

My question for you, dear readers is, what else should we do while we are in Paris? Where should we eat? What should we absolutely not miss while we are there? When we return, I’ll be posting my own version of 36 Hours in Paris. You can bet it will be more affordable than this.


  1. Have one of your dinners at Nos Ancêtres les Gaulois ( ). It's on Île Saint-Louis a quick walk from Notre Dame. A totally fun experience.We've also got some great other restaurant/nightlife recommendations in a Paris essay from a Galavanting contributor. buy tickets online for the Louvre and avoid the lines. you're in the mood for palaces be sure to check out Napolean III's Apartments while in the Louvre.Here is one of my favorite Paris ex-pat blogs and she puts a lot of neat local stuff in, so you might find some recommendations there: all the links, this will surely land in your spam filter, but hopefully you get it! :)Have a great time!

  2. Nothing cures the blues like traveling somewhere fabulous. Look forward to reading your version of 36 hours–no doubt I'll have more in common with it!

  3. three days in paris….hmmm there so much to see… 1 day at the louve, 1 day sight seeing, 1 day relaxing…but even then…wow so rushed!! check out a few of my blogs on paris! I wrote a bunch since i was only there for 4 days!

  4. Oh dear Monna. What can I say about where to go in Paris with my eyelids heavy with needed sleep. In short, walk everywhere, as you know and as would not be surprising coming from me. Walk on Rue Madame coming from Jardin du Luxembourg and have a meringue au chocolat from a boulangerie/patisserie that is on the corner of Madame and Lille (or something like that). Sit by the fountain at Jardin du Tuileries. Go to the Rodin Sculpture Garden, which is free. Wander and meander around Le Marais leading you to Place des Vosges and Bastille. Head to Rue Oberkampf for some less touristy dining options, or to the more travelled yet delicious Rue Mouffetard behind the Pantheon in the 5th district. Explore the 7th where you are staying – it is a great neighborhood. Watch the French youngsters meeting each other at a typical meeting spot at metro Odeon. Walk along the Pont des Arts (my favorite bridge), go to Shakespeare and Company in the 5th just for some Ethan nostalgia. Have salade au chevre, moules frites…Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

  5. So jealous…I know you'll have a great time. I think just have a morning where you can stroll and pop into interesting shops or buildings. Just finished a great book – The Elegance of Hedgehogs which won the big French Lit prize in 2007. You might enjoy it.

  6. @ CJWait for it… in a week you'll know more about (fabulous) Paris than you ever needed to :)I love your suggestion to walk somewhere we've not walked before. Nice!@Kim@GalavantingWow! Thanks so much for your generous comment. I have made note of your recommendations and am very interested in the apartments of Napoleon III. Lovely!@WendyIt's true! The anticipation of our three days in Paris has me doing a little dance of joy. Good-bye blues!I think you are going to like the new working-person's version of 36 Hours in Paris! Who pays 450 Euros a night for a hotel room? (Really! Who?)@Nomadic MattI like your recipe for seeing Paris… one day at the Louvre, one day to see the sights (one CRAZY day) and one to relax. Since this is our third visit, and we are just an hour and a half away from Paris by plane, we are going to skip the Louvre and check out Monet's paintings at the Musee de l'Orangerie. It was closed the last time we were in Paris.When you think about it… three days in Paris is better than no days in Paris.@Kathy ManuHow delightful to wake up this morning and find your comment here. Totally vintage Kath! Yes, there will be lots of walking… and I am not at all surprised by the recommendation.What I am already sure of… YES to the fountain at le Jardin du Tuileries… to wandering around the Marais… to exploring Rue Cler and the 7th… and to Shakespeare and Company. (We must not miss an opportunity to walk in the steps of Ethan and Julie… or Celine and Jesse if you prefer!)Thanks for your fabulous comment. I think about you every day.

  7. @AprilYou and I were writing our comments here at exactly the same moment. I wonder if that's good luck!We will most definitely take a stroll and we'll pop into some shops and I might even buy a scarf. I have set a little money aside. What did our grandmothers call it… mad money?Is there something in particular you'd like a photograph of? Let me know. How's your photography project going?I love this title: The Elegance of Hedgehogs. Thanks for the recommendation. Merci beaucoup.

  8. Oh, I feel the same way that you do about Paris. Here are a few suggestions:1. Wander in the Marais and window shop. Have cheap lunch as L'as du Falafel ( Make sure to find your way over to the village St. Paul, a little network of courtyards and alleys.2. There's a wonderful restored rail trail in the 14th – the Promenade Plantee ( ). Starts at the Place de la Bastille ends at the Bois de Vincennes, 5km later (I blogged about it: )3. I ate at a lot of great restaurants last time I was there. Price with wine for moderate one was around 100 euros. Don't know if that breaks your budget, but I do have one to recommend if you want to go out one night: Le Timbre. You'll be able to walk to it from where you are staying. They accept reservations and the owners are actually British (I know it sounds weird, but trust me) so it's very easy to make them. Here's there website:

  9. Oh, just read this and realized it sound like I was saying price for dinner was 100 euros for one person – that's for two people with a bottle of wine (not the house wine, which I'm sure would be fine most places). The prix fixe prices at places like le Timbre we're running about 32 euros per person for three courses.

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