Missing Princess Sophia and her marbles

It’s raining today in Barcelona. A hard rain… as if someone was pouring a bucket of water directly onto your head. But not just one bucket… one thousand buckets. It’s gotten quite cold and I didn’t have a sweater at school and DP is under the weather and I still have a little cough. (Cough cough!) My mother just e-mailed us with the details of the Thanksgiving dinner she’s planning for my family (it’s true… it’s one week late) and instead of feeling happy for them, I feel sad and far away.

The blogs of travelers and expats can make life abroad seem so exotic, so glorious, so utterly fulfilling. While that may sometimes be true (and thankfully our Barcelona life is great most of the time)… there are also days liked this one. (And this one.) Sad ass days that make you want put on your jammies and crawl back into bed. Hot chocolate with marshmallows days. Don’t-make-any-big-decisions-today days.

Today I miss my niece and nephew. This is Sophie, also known as Princess Sophia. (If you know a five year old, you’ll know why I refer to her as royalty.) When we were in Canada this summer, she showed me her amazing collection of marbles. She was VERY proud of them. She also let me snap no less than a hundred photos of her. (Her brother Tyler is not so wild about my camera. Fair enough.) We were sitting on the sofa in front of the big living room window that looks out over my mom’s garden. The liquid light poured into the room and lit up Sophie’s face like Christmas.

Today, I wish I could bottle that particular sun-drenched afternoon. I wish I had paid closer attention. Today I am missing Princess Sophia and her amazing collection of marbles.

What (or who) are you missing today?

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  1. Your blog is beautiful! I found you through nomadic matt. I am currently a public school orchestra teacher but seriously considering teaching English abroad and I am happy I found you.Right now I'm missing Autumn and all the great things that come with it in the Carolinas. I moved to Florida last year, and it's still hot and humid. I miss hiking and leaves and sweaters.

  2. Sweet pictures! Sorry to hear that you are blue! I remember feeling homesick the first time I lived abroad for a year, but surprisingly we are going on 3 years away now and do not miss "home" at all. Do you free skype webcam a lot? Talked to my mom for ages this morning. She misses her little blondie princess too, but that helps a lot!

  3. This time of year, I always miss a chilly canoe/camping trip to the Boundary Waters (northern Minnesota).This year, however, the chill of fall also has me vividly remembering autumn in St. Petersburg, Russia — golden leaves covering the paths in the park, ice formed on the puddles each morning.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely pix, thanks for sharing!I miss going Up North around this time of the year. The leaves are changing a little here, but they usually blow off of the trees before we can enjoy a nice autumn display here…plus you can't beat canoeing, hiking and just relaxing during a long autumn weekend in northern Michigan.

  5. @HeatherI was once a blondie like that too. Wait… I still am! Let me tell you, Sophie knows exactly how cute she is :)@SarahWelcome to TMW – I'm so glad you found me. Nomadic Matt is definitely a great friend to travel bloggers! I must confess that I also miss fall in Canada. By now, the leaves on the trees there are showing off in a glorious riot of colour.@Soultraveler3Hi there. I've been following your trip… are you in France now? We'll be in Paris next weekend.I've been overseas for twelve years and I rarely feel homesick but it got me yesterday. I have actually just begun using skype… so cool!@Delicious BabyThanks Deb! Many of my best shots take advantage of natural light. The photo you took in Cambodia captures such bleak sadness. It's important for us to face the dire conditions in which some people are living.@KikiHi there! I'm so glad that you will see your family just after Thanksgiving. So cool that your folks are wanderers too!@Less than a…Oh, I am missing your canoe trip too! I loved your description of St. Petersburg… especially the "ice formed on the puddles each morning." Thanks for your comment.@DominiqueI totally empathize with your remark about the leaves that don't quite stay long enough to turn colours. That's what happens here in Barcelona too. The seasons change but we don't have the same wonderful parade of leaves. I know Northern Michigan… it's so much like the area of Canada where I grew up.

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