Election? Anyone?

Canadians go to the polls today to elect a federal government and Prime Minister. This election was called just five weeks ago by Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. This morning, at my little international school in Barcelona, I made note of the election on a whiteboard we use to share news and announcements. Another teacher wrote “Who cares?”

Wow! So much for global citizens, eh?


  1. Yes, we Canadians voted yesterday, and the results were another Conservative minority government. The leader of the Green Party did not get elected, nor did any other Green Party candidates. The NDP got more votes than the last time, the Bloc gained a few seats in Quebec, the Liberals lost seats, and the Conservatives won more than the last time. Final totals: Con. 144, Lib 74, Bloc Quebecois 50, NDP 38, Green 0, Independent 2.So these are the results in a nut shell. All of the ridings in the Ottawa Valley remained the same. Have a great day. Love, Mom

  2. @ EdieThanks mom!@ MattStephen Harper's Conservative Party formed a minority government before the election and they have won a minority once again. Over fifty per cent of the popular vote, however, was cast for the Liberals.

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