The Sunday List 6

The Sunday List is a random collection of things I post on (some) Sundays.

1. Canadian Thanksgiving
This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. Although we are far away from our families and both a little under the weather with our annual Barcelona-summer-turns-quickly-into-fall colds… I am still grateful for so much:
Chinese pork wraps and pear salad
Leaves turning red in Segovia, Spain
The scarf I am wearing in this photo (a gift from Jocelyn)
The i-tunes store
Dead Like Me on DVD – strangely life-affirming
Time to sleep and recover this weekend
Spanish royal palaces
The arrival of Pete and Ali’s son, Miles Ewan

2. Ex-Pat Blogs
Like most other bloggers, I read a lot of blogs. This week I found three that I really like – all written by North American ex-pats living and working abroad:
Mrs. (American) Pai – written by an American in London
Not Another Tourist – the adventures of an American teaching in Korea
My Several Worlds: A Global Mind in Asia – the blogging home of a fellow Canadian and teacher in Taiwan

3. 14 Lenses Photoblog
Check out number 44 here.

4. New album from Rachael Yamagata
I don’t remember exactly when we started listening to Rachael Yamagata but it was a long time ago. Her new album is called Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart. She’s been working on it for four years and it shows! It is crazy-beautiful. Check out the song Elephants on You Tube here.

5. Patty Griffin
Our friend Christine gave us a Patty Griffin cd called A Kiss in Time and we were listening to it on DPs i-pod a few days ago. Wow! You can listen to songs from the album on Last FM here. My favourite tracks are Good-bye, Christina, Rain, Mary and Fly. Okay… the whole album, really.

6. Twitter
I am twittering at
Join me.

What are you doing this Sunday?


  1. Hi Monna,Thanks for the link love and thanks for stopping by My Several Worlds. Your blog is amazing, too. I love the colors. I'm so glad you stopped by and I'm looking forward to reading about more of your adventures.

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