Announcing the Creativity Project

Photo by me. Graffiti by Peg.

At the end of the summer (mid-August for me), I was not yet ready to go back to work. Although I am blessed to work in a profession that grants its workers a summer vacation, I felt far from rested or relaxed. I stewed a bit about my sorry state… and then it came to me, this most gorgeous idea! I decided that I would live every day like a vacation! To make time for play and joyful pursuits. To inject more fun into my work. To get to know the kids better. To laugh more often. To stop living for the weekends.

It sounds utterly simplistic but, eight weeks later, I can report that my little plan is working. I am happier and – here’s the kicker – way more creative. I have initiated a couple of cool projects at school, the 14 Lenses photoblog is up and humming and I’m gearing up to participate, for the second year, in NaNo WriMo. (That’s right… I’m going to write another novel and this one is going to win the Giller Prize!)

These little events are connected… creative acts lead to more amazing creative acts. Thinking about my own creative explosion led me to thinking about all the people who read this blog (hello sweet readers!) and whose blogs I visit and all of the cool things that we are doing and making and creating in our own little corners of the world – both real and virtual.

Ta dum! The Creativity Project was born. My challenge to you is simple; it is time to bust out the creativity. If you’ve had a cool idea for decorating your dining room, October is the month. Considering signing up to write your first novel with NaNo WriMo? Do it! I know you can. (I’ll help you!) Have an idea for a series of photos? Take them… snap, snap, snap. Always wanted to start a blog but felt like you had no idea what you would write? Write about that perfect shade of paint you found… or about your brand new novel and how crazy-wonderful it feels to actually be writing it after so many years of planning. I think too much planning is overrated. October is a “DO” month. Play. Experiment. Be a little decadent. Take a risk.

Then, write about it here. You can leave a comment to this post or you can write a post on your own blog and leave a little link here (those virtual bread crumbs) so that we can check out your Creativity Project. On Friday, October 31st, I will write a post featuring your Creativity Projects with links to your blogs. There is no idea too big or too small!

Finally, there is the prize. (Oh yes, there is one!) On Thursday October 30th, at midnight in Barcelona (that’s 6:00 p.m. in New York), I will draw one name from the people who have commented about their Creativity Project or shared a link to their Creativity Project on their own blog. The winner gets an gift certificate for 25 US dollars. From me. To say thanks for sharing.

What amazingly creative things are you going to get up to this month?


  1. Wow I was going to share a cool website I found Michael Robinson Chavez, a photojournalist with the LA Times- trip to Slovakia in 2004, he photographed the Roma living there. But now I have decided to answer your challenge to do something creative everyday. I will take photographs everyday. I have been really trying to take more photos of everyday stuff and now I will do so. -april

  2. I discovered Etsy and decided to set up a store (kikithespunkymunky)to share some of my creativity. So far, I'm sharing art-related items/collections as I organize my way through my many goodies I've collected over the years. I will expand to include my craft projects such as the tapestry backpack purse I will be making soon. Today I will finish my 'Beach in a Jar' and post it to my store.I started a blog a while back but I think I'll do another just for my photography, which is another new creative outlet for me (I've had my 'good' camera now for about 3 years). Yet another creative idea to execute…

  3. great idea and initiative! i especially like you living everyday like it was still holiday. i hope you are able to influence a lot of people around you and then we will all start noticing the difference!

  4. @AprilTake photographs every day! That's my girl! I will love love love to see them. Cool!@ KikiHoly cow… you have a lot going on! I learned about Etsy from other bloggers and I am going to your store immediately to check out your beach in a jar.I look forward to your photography blog.@ Barcelona BlogThanks for your kind words. You are creative all the time through your blogs and your adventures in Barcelona. Have you read or heard about this cool literary event called Kosmopolis? You can check it out at:

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