Palaces and Labyrinths in Segovia

In the town of San Ildefonso, near Segovia in Spain, thirty students wandered up the wide path towards la Granja (farm in Spanish) which is the name used for The Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. In 1721, Philip V of Spain began building a new baroque palace and gardens modeled on Versailles which had been built by his grandfather, Louis XIV of France. The Granja is surrounded by formal gardens with sculpture fountains and these gardens are, in turn, surrounded by woods. Like Versailles, la Granja began as a retreat from the court but, over time, it became a center of royal government. At the end of a guided tour of the summer palace, the students and their teachers spent one decadent hour exploring the gardens and the labyrinth.

Where is your favourite palace or castle?


  1. Hi Carrie!The Golden Pavilion goes on my list… we have not yet traveled to Asia. We are visiting Paris next weekend and I am finally going to see Versailles. I am totally excited.

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