33 for Madrid and Segovia

Thirty three traveled on the high speed AVE train to Madrid. Thirty students and three wildly optimistic teachers. They spent three days together… riding buses and singing all the songs from Moulin Rouge and walking through corridors of Royal Palaces trying not to touch anything. Teacher Girl could tell that it was sometimes difficult for them to focus on the Very Important things the guides were saying about Spanish history. The minds of the students were Very Busy remembering last night or wondering who they would sit with at dinner or dreaming about the girl with the red hair. Teacher Girl needed to remember how it was when you were 17. There were precious moments shared in the cool night air of Segovia but Teacher Girl will never tell the students’ secrets. On Friday evening, the students tumbled off the train at Sants Station in Barcelona, bleary-eyed and happy. “Thanks” they said. “Thanks for everything!”


  1. @HeatherThanks for your comment. Teaching – and parenting too – can be a lot like gardening. We know we're doing good work even if it's a long time before we see any evidence of those seeds that we planted with care.@WendyIt's so important to keep their secrets. The kids need a safe place to put them!In truth, I was a tiny bit tired.

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