TMW featured on The Lost Girls

Sorry! There’s nobody home at Teacher Meets World right now.

It’s Cultural Trip week at our school which means that I’ll be accompanying the 11th and 12th graders on their trip to Madrid and Segovia (including a morning at the Prado Museum… yippeee!) while DP is headed to Valencia with the 9th and 10th grade students.

We’ve left a little something for you, though. If you pop over to The Lost Girls you’ll find that there’s a story about us… written by us… including DPs real name, even.

Many thanks to the Lost Girls – Amanda, Holly and Jen – for featuring us as their “Couple of the Week”.

I love the story of the Lost Girls… Two years ago, the girls quit their jobs and embarked on a yearlong trip around the world. They are currently writing a book about their adventures.


  1. Congratulations TMW! Great guest blog! How did you "meet" The Lost Girls? I have followed their blog for about 2 years…and I know you…and if I was not involved in the two of you meeting…well, then it is just a VERY small world, a small world indeed!

  2. Fame at lat! good to see you on the lost girls. Hope you enjoy the trips to Madrid & Valencia – loved Valencia, saving up for Madrid.The weather in Spain must be way better than here – but I'm hoping to get my fix of sunshine in Greece in a couple of week.How are your Greece plans progressing?

  3. @Jenny J!I have also been reading their blog since they began their RTW trip… it's entirely possible that I learned about the Lost Girls from you! It is a small, small world but, as my friend Carrie says, I wouldn't want to paint it :-).@HeatherFame. Tee hee!I loved Madrid. This was my second visit but I got to see much more of "Espana Profunda" than I did the first time around when I spent almost all of my time in those fabulous museums (the Prado, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza). Segovia was really charming. DP liked Valencia MUCH more this visit… he totally agrees with you about the Science Centre. He said the grade 9 and 10 kids were completely engaged! Cool!

  4. I read the "Lost Girls" blog about the three girls who quit their jobs and went travelling – Wow! Couragous or what? I'll bet they enjoyed their travels. – Mom

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