Celebrating la Merce in Barcelona

On Wednesday September 24th, Barcelona celebrated the Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Mercy. The beloved patron Saint of Barcelona is also known as Mercedes. To honour her special day, the people of Barcelona build castells (human pyramids) as high as a building in Plaza Jaume. In another event, they wrap themselves in old cotton clothes and don goggles in order to run after burning devils in an event called the correfoc (fire run). It’s safety first on la Merce!

As the bravest souls of the city were racing after all things incindiary, we were having a quiet day at home. In the evening we headed out to Verdi Cinema to see Woody Allen’s new film Vicky Christina Barcelona. It was a perfect cinematic storm. Woody Allen is a very big deal in Barcelona (and Europe in general), the film was actually made here, and the movie opened in Barcelona just one week ago. To our chagrin (but not our complete surprise) Vicky Christina Barcelona was sold out. Quickly we regrouped, inviting a friend to join us for dinner at Dionisos, a local Greek restaurant. As the sun set, as Barca beat their opponents 3-2 and people cheered them on at home and in bars, we waited for our friend in Plaza del Sol. And we watched the evening unfold. Carefree and golden.


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