Remembering Margo: An Evening in Pink

Margo, a grade ten student from my school, died in an accident just before school began. We organized a memorial service for her last Wednesday at school. Students, parents and teachers wore shades of pink because it was her favourite colour. The kids painted a wooden bench in vibrant fuschia and decorated it with daisies; it now sits on the front veranda of the high school. Two seniors recited John Keat’s poem Bright Star. Other students remembered how insanely happy she was in the mornings and how she made them laugh with her crazy antics. Margo was joyful in the extreme. Her best friend said that she had never seen Margo cry “because she never had anything to be sad about.”
As we learn how to deal with Margo’s death we are also, ourselves, more alive. I find myself wearing bright pink more often.

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