Secret Agent in Barcelona

Welcome, readers of Secret Agent Josephine! Brenda, who is not-so-secretly Secret Agent Josephine, invited me to contribute a guest post to her blog while she was on sabbatical. My little piece is called Why Travel is Still Worth the Money and you can check it out here.

As a little treat, and further evidence that travel is still worth the money, here are photos of the Arno River just before sunset, and a carousel in Florence.

Where have you traveled recently?


  1. Hi! I followed the link from SAJ. As a new teacher who loves to travel, I was thrilled to read your post! I've been to Europe a few times for group tours, studies, and leisure. Ljubljana, Salzburg, and Venice (in March, not July) have been my favorite cities so far. Have you been able to pick a favorite from among your travels?

  2. Bahamas, Canadian Rockies, Italy, Alaska, Brazil, all over California, Maldives, Dominican Republic, etc. etc. etc.I loved your post, though. As a travel writer by profession, people always complain to me that, sure I can travel, as someone else is covering the expenses (not always the case; I do plenty of traveling on my own dime), but that it's way out of their budget. Which just burns me up. Because there are so many creative and economical ways to see the world. For example, I sold a lot of things on Amazon and eBay and put my money toward plane tickets. Or took on side writing and editing jobs. Whatever. It can be done, I just feel people are often too lazy to go about planning a trip and they brush it off as financially impossible. But I'm glad to see someone else encouraging travel!

  3. Hi Estrella! I really liked your list of favourites and I agree that Venice is much better off-season… I have been there in December and in January. So nice without the crowds. My favourites in Europe? Paris and Florence still top my list but I also LOVED Budapest, Hungary and we are going back for Christmas. I have been dazzled by the vibe and the street musicians in Dublin, the amazing museums of Madrid, the old town in Sevilla, and the Alhambra in Granada. My favourite non-city destination is the Cinque Terre, five medieval towns along the Italian coast of the Mediterranean. Oh – and I adore Barcelona, my home city!You asked for one. Paris. Maybe it's a cliche but I adore it!Thanks for visiting!

  4. I haven't traveled anywhere recently and I'm dying to get away! I'm teaching too but just started a few months ago and don't have vacation time until next year! I went to the South of France, all over Northern Spain (did a study abroad program there) and Barcelona and Madrid a few summers ago and LOVED it and can't wait to return- this time with my brand new fiance!

  5. @ Nomadic NattHi there… and that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! You have just travelled (literally) half-way across the planet. You are playing hard to get! Perhaps you want people to click on your name so that they can scoot on over to your blog and see for themselves! 🙂 By the way, I enjoyed the post about your least favourite places. Mine is Prague. Valencia in Spain left me wanting more as well.

  6. @Camels and ChocolateI really like your list of favourite travels!Thanks for the lovely comment about my guest post on Secret Agent Josephine. I couldn't agree more that there are at least a BILLION creative and economical ways to see the world and most of them involve a little sacrifice. We are not making a lot of money teaching in Spain… we live in a tiny apartment… we don't buy a lot of "stuff" but what is so interesting to me is that the longer we live without those creature comforts (ones we took for granted in Canada), the less we want/need them. No one has ever paid for my travels (although, hmmmm… that's not a bad idea) but we are seeing the world, one glorious city at a time.Thanks for your comment!@KarenYou know this region well then! We will visit the south of Spain (Nice, actually) for the first time in November and are really looking forward to our trip. As for Barcelona and Madrid, I love them both (yes… I really do) for very different reasons. They are two grand old dames, these cities, beautiful in completely different ways, but sharing many things in common. Still, it's so difficult for them to get along; they just can't seem to trust each other.

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