The Sunday List (and Roses) 3

Even though it’s still sunny and hot (as in caliente-hot) in Barcelona, it is time to say good-bye to summer. I started back to work on Wednesday so, although the days continue to be long, life changes a little… takes up a different shape. I love my work but I will miss these long golden days lived without alarm clocks.

The best of summer, 2008:
1. Movies
The Visitor
Then She Found Her
Autumn Rush
Margo at The Wedding
Get Smart
Iron Man

2. Books
Love Walked In and Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos
That Summer in Sicily: A Love Story by Marlena de Blasi
Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay

3. Music
Exit Strategy of the Soul by Ron Sexsmith. Listen here.
Soundtrack from August Rush
Soundtrack from Mamma Mia!

4. Moments
Slipping my feet into my birkenstocks for the first time in months
Showing JW and April around Barcelona
“Wicked” in London
Visiting with my family
My mom’s cooking (scalloped potatoes, spaghetti, the best egg salad sandwiches in the world)
The ferry ride from Tobermory to Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Listening to CBC’s Vinyl Cafe on the car radio on the road
Buying a new camera
Seeing Rouleau, Saskatchewan where Corner Gas is filmed
Watching So You Think You Can Dance on television
The exchange rate from the Euro to the Canadian dollar was fantastic
Lazy afternoons with friends
Shopping for lovely new clothes
Sleeping in my own bed in Barcelona
The late afternoon light in Florence
Staying up late
Caprese salad and bruschetta

Good-bye summer.


  1. I am glad to find someone else who enjoyed "Late Nights on Air" – I just finished it and loved how she turned a phrase. On a more sentimental note, I love reading your blog because you enjoy so much of what is around you. Your blog brings a smile to my face and makes me remember to stop and notice all that I love. Nice to see you on Shelfari as well! Read On!

  2. Meredith,I could not put the novel down…. it was ridiculous. I loved how she wove in the descriptions of ill-fated explorations of the north and how her writing sounded like CBC radio. Great narrative voice! And it was just SO Canadian – not just the fact of the Canadian north but the way that she writes (as you said, her turn of phrase) put me in mind of Carol Shields and Margaret Atwood. I'm still trying to understand why and this is the best I can do so far: the Canadian authors I love best write with specificity – with such incredible attention to detail – but they also write in a way that feels familiar, like an old friend is telling you the story.Thanks for the blog-love. Your words are quite timely, actually, because I have been reading these crazy-ass pro-blogger posts that tell you how to increase traffic to your site (see, even that phrase seems nutty)… essentially, I am doing everything wrong. My blog is too personal, not "useful enough", I'm still using blogger… etc. But I really like this little blog with its small community of readers. So I'll cheer up and keep writing in a way that is vintage me. Thanks!

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