Dreaming of Florence

I think we should visit Florence. Really! I can’t imagine a more perfect place for an end-of-summer getaway.

The Uffizi Gallery boasts the best collection of Italian Renaissance paintings anywhere. The food is Tuscan and hearty and fall-on-your-knees delicious. Eating in Florence is, more often than not, a religious experience. Nirvana for foodies.

Glorious is the light that falls across Florence at seven o’clock on a clear August evening. The Arno River runs liquid gold while yellow buildings bask in the sunlight. It is impossible to look bad in Florentine light. (There is something about Italy that makes me want to use broad sweeping statements.) Citizens and travellers grow luminous; they appear rested and beautiful as the seven o’clock sun caresses their faces. Exposes them.

As they walk through the city, lovers turn and look at each other more often. They tell stories that begin with “Remember when…” They touch each others’ faces, hold hands.

Night falls and the city is cooler, quiet. The stillness is interrupted only by the sounds of laughter and motos flying into the dark, distant far-away-from-here. We cannot help but turn our love inside out as we hover, like hummingbirds, in the moments just before sleep. We worship this city.


  1. I think you should take me with you when you go back!!! I love that city….ps- Sorry I have been MIA. Traveling didn't give me enough time to check blogs!!!! I'm back now though!!!

  2. @NancySave for the plane ticket. Do! That city casts a spell. I'm going to write about Florence for a few more days because it puts me in such a good mood!@Nomadic MattGood to have you back. I read that you are in Bangkok now. I have two dear friends that have just moved there… they are real adventurers! I think they have already started falling HARD for Thailand.

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