Why Home Is Better Than Away!

If you are a blog reader, chances are you have been bombarded with images of uber cool vacations this summer. I’m talking about aerial view photographs of unspeakably exotic picnics taken in surreal locations just as the sun sets golden into the west. You know the photos I am talking about. These vacation bloggers don’t mean to do it, but their stories and photos can make real live people (those with jobs that provide only two or three weeks vacation a year) feel small and well, ordinary.

Admittedly, we are more fortunate than most; as educators, we are blessed with a long summer holiday although most good educators will spend some of that time learning. Our vacation cup has been full and it has runneth over. Since school let out at the end of June, I’ve visited London, England for the first time, driven partway across Canada, and spent four decadent days in Florence, Italy. Now we’re home and we’re glad of it, I tell you!

Let’s try this exercise… being home is better than away because

1. I can make a toasted tomato sandwiches with fresh tomatoes from the market and that can be my whole meal and no one here feels the need to enlighten me about my meal (my choice of bread, brand of mayo, butter vs. margerine) or convince me that I should have more food.. or less, as the case goes. Is anyone else sick of having the food conversation(s) with their families?
2. A bottle of coke costs 1 Euro at our local grocery store rather than 4 Euros for a glass in Florence. Ouch. (That’s six dollars!)
3. No one is lined up to use my washroom… and I can use it for free.
4. There are no rules to follow, whether unspoken “family” rules or written guidelines in our hotel room.
5. All of the art in our apartment belongs to us and I have been staring at it for a whole day! No one has charged me yet.
*The painting, above, was done by a high school student named Cristina Tomas. I bought it and it’s now on display in our cosy little home gallery in Barcelona.
6. If I don’t like the novel I chose, I go to our bookshelf and choose another.
7. There’s no vacation pressure… to see a certain number of sights in a day or to have an AMAZING time. (There will be another kind of pressure on Wednesday when I return to work but we’ll cross that quaint little foot bridge when we get to it.)
8. Clean clothes.
9. A reliable internet connection.
10. Sleeping in my own bed. There really is nothing like it.

Now it’s your turn. Why is being at home better than away? Come on… I dare you!

P.S. This post is dedicated to our friend Christine who will be returning from her cottage vacation just about now. It’s going to be okay!

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