A Room of One’s Own

I have a small confession to make. Very small.

I still have a bedroom at my parents’ home. I know! Isn’t that outrageous! I have not lived in Canada for ten years. But my parents have three bedrooms and they only use one, so I have a room all my own when I visit during summer vacation. A room where ALMOST ALL of my books (over a thousand) are stacked perilously on Ikea shelves. A room where I painstakingly go through a year’s worth of mail that my mom collects for me during the school year. My room sweet room in Canada.

Oh. I’m afraid I have gotten ahead of myself. During the spring, I found this fabulous poster that says “Keep Calm and Carry On”. This was apparently posted in Britain during World War II. I loved that message! Sometimes, when you work with teenagers all day, it helps to remember to keep calm and carry on. I am not, for even a second, comparing working at a school with living through an air raid but helping raise and educate other people’s kids is not always a cake walk. I decided to buy a copy of this poster for our place in Barcelona. Then, when I was placing the order, I bought another for my room in Canada. That’s the red one pictured here. We bought the black frame at Ikea. (Where else?)

These posters are hand screen printed and cost 25 US dollars. You can check them out at sfgirlbybay’s etsy store here.

You can also read the artist’s blog here.

You know. Keep calm. Carry on.


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