Postcard from Saskatchewan

We were driving just south of Regina, Saskatchewan when this extraordinary sea of yellow canola emerged on our left. DP pulled over on the shoulder of the road and we spent the next 15 minutes in awe of this field. I was unprepared for how beautiful our country is. I had never been north of Owen Sound and the deeper into the Canadian Shield we drove, the greater the majesty of rocks and trees and sky. We would catch a new glimpse of one of the Great Lakes or a spectacular rock bluff and DP would say, “Wow” and then, “Oh. I just said that. I need a new word.” As we neared Winnipeg, things flattened right out; you really could see your dog running away for three days. In Saskatchewan, we raced a train and when we caught up to the engine, the conductor blew the horn for us. Everywhere we went, people were friendly and courteous. Canada is a “Wow” country.

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