The (Hot) Dog Days of Summer

We eat well in Barcelona.

For dinner last night DP prepared pasta with sun dried tomatoes we bought in Florence and grilled boneless chicken breasts. It was the kind of meal that makes you tempted to lick your plate. Our decadent journey towards the land of the foodies began when we were university students in Canada but the voyage was not complete until we’d lived in Mexico and Spain. The deal was sealed by Oaxacan mole. And tapas. We have been wooed and courted by some of the most interesting food in the world. Of course, the food won.

We eat well in Barcelona.

During our five weeks in Canada this summer we were on the road quite a lot. When we were on the road, we ate on the road. Some of those meals were surprisingly good as a number of fast food places have begun to offer tasty and affordable choices that don’t fit between a hamburger bun. Tim Hortons offers amazing sandwiches and soup and chili. The menu at Wendy’s includes five different salads. In fact, we also noticed that Canadian restaurants are getting more innovative with salads and vegetables.

But, truthfully, we also ate hot dogs. The first hot dogs to cross our path were not actually hot dogs at all but fabulous sausages cooked on a friends barbecue and eaten in her garden.

Then there’s the second kind of hot dog… the kind that your nephew requests when he doesn’t like what’s on the lunch menu at his grandparents’ house. I am talking about an Oscar Meyer wiener smushed inside a WonderBread bun. A hot dog swimming in a sea of mustard and ketchup. A hot dog washed down with with iced tea in grandma’s kitchen. He looks happy doesn’t he?

What would be on your “perfect” hot dog?

For starters, Brent from the Canadian television show Corner Gas would definitely say that he’d like chili (and lots of it) on his hot dog. This is a hint about the next post.

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