Nothing But Blue Skies

“DP!” I said. He was driving and my tone caught him off guard. He thought it was urgent.

“What is it?”

“Doesn’t Canada have the best skies you’ve ever seen?”

Okay, time for a reality check. Does our home city of Barcelona really have less spectacular blue sky and white cloud combinations than the country of our birth? Barcelona is more polluted than most parts of Canada and that can certainly make it more difficult to see the blueness of the skies. (To be fair, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver donate their fair share of pollution to the environment along with smaller industry towns such as Espanola, Ontario.) It occurs to me that my impression that Canada boasts the most gorgeous skies may be mostly a matter of perspective. The buildings of Barcelona are packed together so tightly that I almost never witness that glorious kind of sky that rolls on forever… I have, rather, wee glimpses of blue and white. Sky fragments.

In the end, I won’t go so far as to claim that Canada hosts the best skies… but what I know for sure is that on our drive from Ottawa to Calgary they put on a pretty spectacular show for us. Here’s a little sampling.

Soundtrack: I Can See Clearly Now by Canadian jazz singer Holly Cole.

Where have you seen your best skies?


  1. @MattIt's true. I couldn't have said it better myself.@KikiI know the skies around San Antonio and up towards Fredericksburg and they are gorgeous. I have not yet visited New Mexico but it is on my list. Thanks!

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