Wanted: Greek Island Vacation

Who wouldn’t want a vacation on a Greek Island, really? The thing is that we are actually in the process of planning this absolutely scrumptious trip. This will be our first visit to Greece and our friend C. plans to join us for ten sun and olive oil soaked days in April of 2009. We may be able to convince Barb to clear her schedule as well. (Poor her… she’s at the Olympics in Beijing right now.)

The question is (and it’s a big one) where?

I have begun reading my copy of the Rough Guide (sadly Rick Steves has no guide for Greece) and C’s Insight Guide (fabulous photos… perhaps a bit light on accommodations) and I have to confess that I had no idea how many choices the Greek island-bound traveler has. Wow! The climate sections of both guidebooks suggest that early April will not be hot hot hot in Greece and the farther south we go, the warmer we will be.

Perhaps Crete is our island.

While I continue to read and research and puzzle and plan, I’d like to ask you where you think we should stay on the Greek islands in early April. I know that a number of hard core travellers drop by this blog from time to time and I’d love to hear what you think.

Our criteria:
– view of the water (or close enough to walk to it in a few minutes)
– not very touristy (we have no need of night clubs or upscale clothing boutiques)
– room rate around 100 Euros per night (no fancy hotels need apply)

Tell us where we should stay and why. We appreciate your thoughts and I’ll update this entry with all recommendations made.


  1. Thanks for your tip on Rick Steves – I enjoyed it & some of his other posts on his UK visit.My sister lives on Zakynthos which is a large and beautiful island, but I fear that it may be too filled with British package holiday makers to fit your criteria, but you can often get good deals on hotels there – my sister's Windmill Bay is lovely.http://www.windmill-studios.co.uk/However, the next island of Kefalonia is supposed to be very beautiful and less spoiled by tourism – Captain Corelli's mandolin was filmed there.Also try checking out the podcast at Amateur Traveller on Chris Christiansen's recent trip to Crete and Santorini.http://amateurtraveler.com/2008/06/07/england-and-greece-revisted-episode-138/

  2. Hi MonnaHad another afterthought on noticing that you're going in April.You could have beautiful sunshine but it could also be changeable at that time of year. From experience, many of the places that are wonderful in the sunshine are depressing in the pouring rain.You might consider one of the bigger islands that have broad attractions such as walking (fantastic spring flowers), archaeological sites, towns with a bit of culture or interest. Also don't rule out the Greek mainland, where the coastal areas are often much more typically Greek.I remember that there were quite a few posts on Cool Travel Guide when they were working in Crete. Maybe Lara could give you some recommendations, or I guess you could just read whichever guidebook they were updating.http://cooltravelguide.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html

  3. Hi Heather! Wow! You have really outdone yourself… thanks so much for your sage advice. Your sister's place looks amazing; I hope she is loving her life on Zakynthos. I have been reading a bit about Kelafonia (apparently the north side of the island is quieter) so that island goes on the list of possibilities. Good tip on larger islands so that we'll be sure to have something to do should it rain; I continue to look at Crete. I was just reading about a very cool British company called Pure Crete (www.purecrete.com) that rents houses and apartments on Crete. I will also check out Lara's blog and the podcast at Amateur Traveller. Thanks again. Amazing tips!

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