Random Canadian Stuff That Makes Us Happy

Here is the second installment of Canadian things that make us smile.

1. Tim Horton’s Donuts (and bagels and breakfast sandwiches and chili and coffee)
2. New Waterford Girl
3. Corner Gas
4. The Littlest Hobo
5. The Beachcombers
6. The King of Kensington
7. Poutine (French fires, cheese curd and gravy)
8. Reach for the Top
9. CBC Radio: Vinyl Café, Q and Peter Gzowski
10. St. Johns’ Newfoundland (It was so cold and windy when I visited in July that I had to wear ever item of clothing in my suitcase to go outside. There were little iceburgs called growlers in the harbour. It was magnificent.)
11. Halifax, Nova Scotia (Imagine this: bar, restaurant, coffee shop, restaurant. Every single block!)
12. The old city in Quebec City
13. The diversity of Montreal
14. Montreal Jazz Festival
15. Ottawa Blues Festival
16. Water, water everywhere (Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, creeks)
17. Universal health care (even if there is a waiting period for an MRI)
18. Canadian Idol hosted by Ben Mulroney
19. Via rail. Taking the train from Ottawa to Owen Sound.
20 The warmth of Canadian greetings. (Have a good day, eh!)
21. Really BIG things along the highway. (Apple. Goose. Nickel. Teepee.)
22. Walking along the Ottawa Canal, that most romantic of Ottawa walks
23. Fields of yellow canola in Saskatchewan and Alberta
24. All that space
25. The Canadian Flag (It’s a totally cool pop culture flag)
26. Ontario Provincial Parks
27. The Rockie Mounties
28. Algonquin Park
29. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
30. Canada’s good relationship with Great Britain
31. The friendliness of most people from sea to sea to sea
32. The Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1)
33. Canadian Beer ads (I AM Canadian)
34. The Backyardigans
35. July 1st Canada Day (formerly known as Dominion Day)
36. eh? (As in “Have a good day, eh.”)
37. The Ottawa Valley accent
38. Quality public education at the elementary/secondary level and at our universities
39. Hockey Night in Canada
40. Kraft Dinner (KD)
41. Hail storms in the summer
42. The Rideau Canal and Dow’s Lake in Ottawa
42. Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, apologized to the Canadian Native Indians
43. Canoeing
44. More than two “real” political parties
45. The Great Lakes
46. Maple Syrup
47. HGTV (Home and Garden Television)
48. Terry Fox
49. The green flatness of the prairies near Regina, Saskatchewan
50. Polar bears and brown bears and black bears. Oh my!

What have we missed? Tell us!


  1. "Adventures in Rainbow Country" filmed on Manitoulin Island circa 1969 – sort of a northern Ontario version of "The Beachcombers" – not-to-be-missed TV for a generation of a certain age…CJ (again)

  2. You have no idea how homesick this made me. But reading the "Backyardigans" made me laugh. You missed seeing D do quite a good dance to our toy Pablo who signs and dances to the Backyardigans song. He didn't have a choice. Jack made him dance! Loved it – you would have too!

  3. @MeredithI'm not sure that it's a good thing that this post made you feel homesick! I was delighted to hear about D and Jack dancing along to the Backyardigans… and you are so right… how I wish I could have seen D dancing. To anything. I have never heard of a Backyardigans doll although I suppose I should not be surprised.@ElizabethMarried to a Canadian is good. I am glad that some of the things on the happy list are happy for you too.

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