On the Road in Canada

I am on vacation and light years away from the blogosphere for the month of July.

We’ll soon be driving from Ottawa up to Sault St. Marie and across the Canadian prairies to Calgary, Alberta. This mythic journey across most of Canada will take the better part of a week and, while it is true that one could drive clean off continental Europe in six days, we are Canadian (just like the beer ad) and, in Canada, driving from Ottawa to Calgary is just not that big a deal. More like a Sunday afternoon drive than an actual voyage. A wee jaunt, really. Except for the gas prices… thank goodness for the gas efficiency of the Honda Civic!

We have our CAA Tour Books and maps, a large yellow road atlas of North America and (because my mother really is the wisest person in the world) a cooler loaded with bottled water and juice and fruits and vegetables for the trip. Of course we’ll be stealing our ice from hotels all along the TransCanada Highway. (All the cool kids are doing it!)

We’ll be seeing some really big things along the way… the impressive Chi-Cheemaun Ferry at Tobermory, an enormous goose in Wawa, and the Sleeping Giant along Lake Superior for starters. (It’s a big country). Stay tuned.

Although I have all kinds of tales to share from London (baby!) and Ottawa, they will have to wait until we reach the land of high-speed dial up.

Our travels, past and current, pale in comparison, however, to those of Matt who is doing this adorable dance all over the planet. You can check out his site at: http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/ I promise this video will make you smile!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

Happy summer!


  1. Hi Matt!It's great to hear from you. One of my real life friends asked if dancing Matt was the same person as the Nomadic Matt who often comments on my blog. I let them down easy! I said that although I know nothing about Nomadic Matt's dancing skills, you are even more famous as the champion of the little travel blog! Go Matt! So my question is… where in the world is Nomadic Matt?

  2. Perhaps in Nipigon or Marathon or Keewatin (the possibilities are endless) you can find some perfect place to stop and do the distinctive "Matt dance" and then send the clip to Dancing Matt's website – it could maybe be the start of a new project for him – "where the hell are all these people, that I've never met, dancing…?"Safe and fun travels – it's all about the pleasure of the journey…Don't forget to stop for some "Wawa water"…CJ

  3. @CJI am sorry to say that we did precious little dancing in Northern Ontario… but your idea for a new dancing Matt project – "Where the hell are all these people I don't know dancing" – is fantastic. And I definitely would have danced in Rouleau, Saskatchewan.We would not dream of forgetting the Wawa water!

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