Where in the world is the Blogger?

April took this fantastic shot at the Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres. Dali has painted, on this magnificent ceiling, a provocative scene that plays on our knowledge of Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. I adore this view of Gala’s feet, legs and red dress as she ascends into the heavens.

I will be in London and away from my blog for a few days (having ascended in the old-fashioned way… in a plane) but you can catch me over at Almost Fearless beginning on Wednesday June 25th. Blogger Christine Gilbert has changed her life and is about to embark on a year of travel and life abroad. As she travels to Madrid this week and settles into her new piso, a number of guest bloggers will be writing at her blog. My post is called Good-bye in the City and explores the idea of saying a meaningful good-bye to the place and people you are leaving so that you are better prepared to enjoy your next adventure.


  1. Matt,Thanks for enjoying it! Thanks for calling it an article! And thanks for commenting on it over at Christine's blog. Supportive you are, young grasshopper.

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