The Sunday List (and Lilies) 2

1. It’s the second Sunday for the lilies and they have had a rough week without anyone to replenish their water supply. Who knew how quickly lilies drank their water? Not I!
2. The 25 seniors at our high school graduated last night amid much pomp and circumstance. Three national anthems were played: Spanish, American and Catalan. I gave a little speech for one of the award winners and was a bit nervous. Really? After all these years? Yup!
3. We are heading into our last week of school. To say that things are hectic doesn’t tell even begin to tell the story. DP are so busy, in fact, that bumping into each other in the kitchen would qualify as a date right now. (This too shall pass.)
4. On Thursday our friends JW and April arrive from the east (United Arab Emirates) and west (Texas) via Lyon, France. The world just keeps getting smaller and smaller.
5. Today’s List of Things to Do: compile and e-mail nominations for my school’s new book club, write Sunday’s TMW post; start packing for London and, in a second bag, stat packing for Canada; call dad to wish him a very happy Father’s Day!; fold our laundry (an oh-so-sexy task!); do a little e-mailing about summer plans.
6. We are listening to Matt Nathanson and you can too if you click here. (You may want to skip the last track called Philadelphia Song as it has some wildly explicit lyrics.) Watch the video for Come On, Get Higher here. DP also recommends his songs Bent, Angel, I Saw and Suspended from the album Live at The Point.
7. Remember to send me your hometown pics! They go up here on Friday June 20th!

What are you up to on this lovely Sunday?


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