Look out any window

Yesterday, at three o’clock, I was working in my office when I noticed a change in the weather. Dark, angry clouds descended suddenly, followed by silvery grey sheets of rain. The sun, not easily outdone in Barcelona, fought back through the rain and by four o’clock, when the dismissal bell rang, it was all over. The sun had put down the coup and order was restored in our little kingdom of school.

I snapped some photos of the magnificent rainstorm but my favourite shot does not show the battle between precipitation and sunshine. This is my office window and, if it looks really old, that’s because my office is located in an old Spanish villa. (I know… it’s like a fairytale.)

Aside from my office, you can also find me at a number of places on the web:

1. Pink of Perfection
Sarah at Pink of Perfection challenged her readers, on May 1st, to a 7 Day Media Detox. My response was to spend less time surfing the net reading non-quality blogs and to spend more time reading real BOOKS. This resulted in my May Day Reading List Project and the resulting Summer Reading List. Sarah was kind enough to mention me and my reading list in her May Round Up here.

2. Carnival of Europe
Heather Cowper from Heather on Her Travels was the guest host of June’s Carnival of Europe as Karen, the regular host of the Carnival and blogger at Europe a la Carte, was travelling in Italy (How lovely). Heather mentioned our blog exchange in the carnival post. You can check out the June carnival at Heather on her Travels here. Heather wrote about Rome past and present on my blog. I wrote about lessons that Europe has taught me on hers.

3. Wndrlust
Some lovely person submitted two of my posts at site called Wndrlust. Wndrlust (pronounced “wanderlust”) is a Digg style, community driven aggregator dedicated to travel news, tales, tips, pictures, and videos. Essentially, people belonging to the site nominate travel-related stories and members vote for the ones they like.
Two of my posts have been submitted: Discovering San Miguel de Allende and Montezuma Cypress: The Tule Tree.

There’s a little window on my real and blogging worlds.

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