In Praise of the Hometown: June Photo Album

This photograph was taken in Barcelona’s Plaza Sant Joan. The boys were spelling out words with water from the fountain. Imagine what they wrote!

For the next 25 days, I will be an exclusively hometown girl. There will be no decadent weekend trips to Amsterdam or London; it will be me DP and me in our little patch of Barcelona as spring turns too quickly to summer. Already, in the garden below our apartment, the sweet scent of the gloriously purple lilacs is fading. The end of the school year is pressing in on us; we’re both having stress dreams in which our list of “things to do” (the student schedules, transcripts, year-end marking, graduation ceremonies) is literally endless… there are not enough check marks in the world to complete this list. We make an effort to remember to enjoy each moment.

In June, I will write primarily about life in my current hometown of Barcelona, and a little bit about hometowns past (Ottawa and Kingston in Canada, Cali in Colombia, and Monterrey in Mexico). I’m going to get into the habit of carrying my camera with me every day so that I can I bring you some non-touristy shots of Barcelona.

In addition to writing about hometowns, I’m inviting you to join me in creating the Hometown Photo Album. The main arteries of the Blogosphere are clogged with travel blogs (and some of them are delightful) but in June, I’d like to pay tribute to the places that we live, those cozy pisos or splendid bungalows we call “home”.

Here’s what you do:
1. Take digital shots of your hometown… or go through your photos.
2. Choose your very favourite shot.
3. By Monday June 16th, send your hometown pic to me at The resolution and size are unimportant. If you are a flickr user, send me a link to your photo.
4) On Friday June 20th, I will publish ALL of the photos I receive along with your names and hometowns.

I am hoping that this will inspire all of us to see our hometowns with new eyes.

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