Postcards I Wish I Had Sent, Sevilla

When I first moved to Barcelona, the guy whose (tiny) apartment I was renting warned me that August in Barcelona would be “Africa-hot.” Obviously, he had never been to Sevilla in August. This was the kind of no-holds-barred heat that required us to slow right down, take plenty of limonada breaks, and recharge our batteries through long, decadent afternoon naps. Los Sevillanos (the people of Sevilla) have, through necessity, become brilliant at managing the heat. The only people you will ever see on the “sunny” side of the street are tourists. In June, the city erects toldos, or tarps, over some of the narrower streets in the center to keep everyone cool(er) in the shade. A late, three o’clock lunch and a wee rest leave people refreshed for an evening that might include a flamenco show at Casa de la Memoria de Al-Andalus. I also recommend that you splurge a little on a lovely fan and ask a local to teach you how to use it. The secret to creating a refreshing breeze that requires little effort is all in the wrist. I have become an expert!


  1. "I know your work and it's great to have you visit TMW. "The best thing anyways ever said to me recently. I'm glad to know people know my work. Have you read my blog? thanks so much for the compliant!! it made my day!

  2. Matt,If that's the best thing anyone has said to you recently, then:1) You are most welcome for the compliment!2) Boston is a great city… you should get out more :-)I learned about Nomadic Matt's Travels from Almost Fearless. I love that you blog with such extraordinary detail. I think that's what people want from travel blogs… whether they are actually planning to visit the place or not.A couple of close friends are moving to Bangkok this summer and I just sent them the link to your blog.

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