Postcards I Wish I Had Sent, Venice

In Venice, you are just one step away from an unexpected view, from shafts of golden sunlight, from the best gelato of your life, from an undiscovered canal, from a gondolier in his black and white striped shirt, and from exquisite glass displayed in a shop window.

But you are not always one step from where you wanted to go.

This postcard is for my mother who might be missing Venice just a little. Remember the many footsteps we took that night we got lost and could not find our way back to the Rialto Bridge? The sun had long since set and it had begun to rain. When finally we stopped at a little pizzeria to eat and get our bearings, we learned that we were two minutes away from the bridge.


  1. Hi Wendy!Thanks for the lovely compliment. It's been fun to go back over two years of European travel pics and find shots that captured a sense of place or that triggered a specific memory.

  2. Linda,Thanks for the lovely compliment about the series and this photograph. My mom and I were walking from our little guest house to the Rialto Bridge and I happened to have my camera handy as this man stepped into the light, literally, at the end of the tunnel.Thanks, too, for subscribing! Lovely!

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