Postcards I Wish I Had Sent, Madrid

I didn’t expect to love Madrid. Maybe I have lived in Barcelona just long enough to subconsciously take my city’s side in the infamous rivalry between The Big Important Cities of Spain. But Madrid rises up out of the middle of nowhere, España Profunda, to dazzle visitors with its wide tree-lined avenues reminiscent of Paris, its trio of phenomenal museums (The Prado, Reina Sofia and the Thyssen) and the promise of the latest, greatest nights on earth. Outside the Casa Labra Taberna Restaurante (birthplace of the Spanish Socialist Party in 1879) hundreds of people literally spill out onto the street; imagine all those happy Madrilenos (and a few tourists) eating and talking and milling about… a plate of deep fried bacalao in one hand and a beer in the other. A block away, in Plaza del Sol (pictured above) the vibe is even more festive and chaotic than in Barcelona’s Plaza Catalunya. Madrid has on its dancing shoes and it wants you for its partner!
Photo Credit: DP

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