My Mother’s Day

Mom in Venice, Winter 2008.

My mother has never burdened me with her ideas or expectations about the kind of person I should become. (Really! Isn’t that cool?) When I was growing up, she always told me that I should create the kind of life I wanted… that I was free to choose to do and be whatever made me happy. That kind of encouragement is a remarkable gift for a teenage girl. (And it still is!)

The life of an international educator is certainly not every mother’s wish for her child. For a decade I have lived away from Canada but my physical absence has never prevented her from being an insanely active and loving mother. She receives and forwards my mail, serves as my personal banker, takes phone messages, provides regular reports on the weather in her part of eastern Ontario, e-mails the everyday details of her life (more frequently than do I), and calls on a regular basis to say, “Hi. How are you?” She also visits me wherever I live. She visited me in Colombia in 1994 at a time when some Colombians didn’t want to be in Colombia. She travelled to Mexico three times and has already been to Barcelona twice. (There are some perks to having a kid who lives “away”.)

For Mother’s Day I sent her a book called The Most Beautiful Villages of Tuscany. We are planning her next trip to Europe and she has said that she would like to visit Tuscany. Done. DP and I will be her happy tour guides.

She encouraged and helped me to create the life I’d like to live in… and now I am delighted to have the opportunity to do the same for her.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom.

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