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It’s late on the Saturday morning of what is ostensibly a long weekend… except that DP and I will be at administering a four-hour AP exam beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Pentecost Monday. “Just don’t tell the Pope,” one of my colleagues joked. No worries.

Curled up on our couch in the semi-darkness of this perfectly rainy morning, DP and I are wading around in the wonderful world of music just waiting to be discovered. Say what you will about the internet, but this is where we find the little cyber-breadcrumbs that lead to other members of our musical tribe.

Laura Gibson
Recommended by Shari over at The Glass Doorknob. I am in love with Gibson’s album “If You Come To Greet Me.”

Devon Sproule
Recommended by Heather at Heather on Her Travels. Listen to tracks from the cd “Keep your Silver Shines” by clicking on the jukebox at the bottom of this page. In yet another of those small-world coincidences, the 26 year-old singer-songwriter was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada where DP and I went to university. She would have been 13 when we met. (Try not to think about it too much… it will just make you feel old!) You will not be surprised, after listening to even one track, to learn that she grew up on a commune in Virginia.

Pascale Picard
We first saw and heard this adorable Quebec City native at the Ottawa Blues Festival in the summer of 2007. Since then, Pascale has had a BIG year: she was nominated for the Junos Artist of the Year. Here’s a video of her song Gate 22. The video was shot in the foothills of Alberta’s Rockies.
DP discovered this one. Enter a favourite artist and go to his/her profile. You will find a biography, jukebox, events (tour dates), selection of videos, radio, all albums (or top albums), top tracks last week, top tracks over the last 6 months, listeners, related journals, related and a feature called “Shoutbox” where people can comment on music, concerts… whatever. There is also a fabulous list of similar artists on the far left hand-side and DP has been surfing similar artists for 45 minutes, checking out those he has not yet heard of (I may have lost him forever). Sound like MySpace? We think it’s a much better site. After some rooting around this morning, DP recommends Irish singer-songwriter Foy Vance. You can listen to Homebird or watch him perform Indiscriminate Act of Kindness.

Who is rocking your world right now?

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