Where we ate (& did not eat) in Dublin: Part 2

DP and I were walking to the Olympia Theatre to buy tickets for The Last Days of the Celtic Tiger (a rollicking good time of a play for four teenage boys and their teachers) when I saw eight women seated at a table inside the perfect restaurant. The women were elegant silk-scarf-wearing creatures; I imagined that they had known each other for years and that they met at this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon for a lovely meal, a glass of wine and the easy conversation of old friends. I felt a moment of envy, I did… wanted to be in the picture instead of on the watching side of the glass.

Although my first impulse was to photograph this perfect moment, I knew I would be intruding so I photographed the purple flowers in the front window instead.

The restaurant was called…

With my nose pressed up against the glass display case, I decided that I would order the slow roast pork belly with red cabbage and apples. DP is going to have the same. (Click photo to enlarge).

And for dessert… ooooh, this one’s even harder. The pecan pie with maple ice cream, please. (Click photo to enlarge).
This perfect little restaurant is a DP and Teacher Girl kind of a place but not so great for thirteen and fourteen year old boys. When the grown-ups next visit Dublin (and we will because it stole our hearts and we’ll have to go back to retrieve them) we’ll do our best to dine on slow roasted bork belly and pecan pie at the Mermaid Cafe.

The Mermaid Cafe
69/70 Dame Street
Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone + 3531 6708236

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