Where we ate (& did not eat) in Dublin: Part 1

Our four North American boys miss burgers. Big, fat, messy burgers. The whole world is lined up a year in advance for cutting edge tapas and other post-modern haute cuisine at Barcelona’s own El Bulli and all the boys want is a real burger and fries.

When in doubt, I always turn to my trusty Rick Steves’ guidebook. The Bad Ass Cafe in Dublin’s Temple Bar district sported exactly the right menu for our boys. They began with nachos and wings, moved on to Bad Ass burgers and fries (at 14 Euros a pop) with milkshakes. Next there were ice cream floats and apple crumble. It was a celebration of American comfort food the likes of which we will never find in Spain. We ate and sipped and burped happily.

Looking across the cafe from our table.

Milkshakes for everyone.

Meal at Bad Ass Cafe: 25 Euros per person. Burger: Priceless!

The Bad Ass Cafe
9-11 Crown Alley
Temple Bar
Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone + 3531 6712596


  1. Hey teacherNow I understand what you were up to in Dublin – thought those boys were all yours! What a great idea to have a travel club & great excuse for you to see some places too. Now for your next travel club trip, may I recommend Bristol. You can fly Easyjet direct from Barcelona & its a fantastic place for teenagers. I'm happy to be your tour guide & travel adviser.

  2. Hi Heather!Wouldn't that be crazy if they were all ours! Imagine the grocery bill alone! They are, as you discovered, our students. The Travel Club is a cool extra-curricular and I will not forget your lovely offer to serve as a tour guide and travel adviser in Bristol. I am LOVING Devon Sproule… bought the new cd! I noticed that she is touring the UK this spring; perhaps you'll see her live!

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