Six in Dublin

Last weekend DP and I travelled to Dublin with four boys from our school. Their ages range from 13 through 15 although the 13 year-old would definitely tell you that he’ll be 14 in just 5 days. He would assert, most emphatically, that he is practically 14… in fact, he would argue that it would be better to start calling him 14 now. That’s what he would say.

We have started a little Travel Club at our school. When teachers were pitching various extra-curricular activities back in September, DP and I dreamed up an after-school club in which a group of kids would meet once a week to choose a travel destination, plan the trip, and learn about the culture, history, language and food of that destination. (The kids would say, “Don’t forget about the food!”) This is the kind of club we would both have ADORED as teenagers.

In the first semester, the students chose, and travelled to, Cinque Terre in Italy. Imagine waking up to this view in the tiny town of Vernazza.

Our second semester voyage was to Dublin. It was the first trip to Ireland for the six of us and as we flew over the island, I was reminded of my mom’s story about her first flight to the emerald isle. The pilot encouraged the travellers to look out their windows and behold the fifty shades of green. Many years later, the boys and DP and I strained our necks to check out the green fields of Ireland. We say there are fifty shades… at least.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some of our adventures and favourite Irish things but today I wanted to post a photo taken from the “Gravity Bar” on the seventh floor of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. This is Dublin’s highest bar and, as you look out over the city, the view is accompanied/explained by the words of famous Irish writers. When you reach the top floor of this amazing museum (Ireland’s top international visitor attraction), you are rewarded not only with the view. Your ticket actually gets you a free pint of Guinness. Except if you are under 18… then that same ticket gets you a pop. Even if you are PRACTICALLY 14!


  1. A lovely blog, very well written and full of interesting eye candy. I have enjoyed reading about your travels. Good luck with the best of blog award!

  2. Hi LK!Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely compliments on my site!You are the pixiedust imagery woman! Your photos are adorable!Best wishes with your blog and business too!

  3. You gotta love that: when a photo of your old neighborhood shows up on someone's blog. I used to live on the lane just south of Christchurch. It was a fun time. Thanks for a little peek down memory lane.

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