Sant Jordi Returns

April 23rd marked our second Sant Jordi Day in Barcelona. Imagine Valentines Day crossed with a Medieval Fair and you’ve just about got the feel for this most Catalan of holidays originating in the 1500s.

You can learn more about Sant Jordi Day here and here.

DP volunteered as official photographer for our school’s festivities so the pics below are compliments of him.

It was 2:30 p.m. on the main patio of our school and 400 students plus at least that many parents and family members had gathered to celebrate, through dance and poetry, the very exciting (if not perfectly documented) life and times of our patron saint Sant Jordi. Sant Jordi is that same Saint George who slew the dragon in order to rescue a princess who was about to be sacrificed to the dragon. The legend goes that the citizens were so grateful to Sant Jordi that they abandoned paganism and converted to Christianity. This year’s Sant Jordi painting, created by students in grade 11, portrayed the dragon wearing a pair of sleek, black converse runners and featured a rose in the place of Sant Jordi’s sword. It was a “make love, not war” kind of day.

The wee ones began the afternoon with the oh-so-sweet Sant Jordi dances they have been rehearsing for no less than a month. The elementary students were followed by the self-conscious but enormously courageous middle schoolers. Finally the high school students swept onto the court… and held it.

The grade ten girls were light and lithe and take-your-breath-away beautiful as they swirled in circles around the patio.

To celebrate Sant Jordi, DP gave me a rose (the usual gift for women) and a homemade journal (books are the traditional gift for men… and definitely the better deal). Happy Sant Jordi Day!

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