Double spacing with Blanca

I was helping Blancita, the ten year old girl I whom tutor, with her Language Arts homework a few days ago. She had typed a response to Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko. It was what we think of as a big-girl assignment and her teacher had asked the students to double-space their work.

So Blanca, excited to take the next BIG step in the writing of compositions, had double-spaced her work. “Tell me about this,” I said, when proof-reading her rather UNUSUAL looking work. “The teacher told us to double space our answers so I put two spaces between each word.”

Ah! “Normally, Blanca, when we double space our work, it means

that we don’t skip spaces but lines. This makes it much easier for

the teacher to read your work and to make comments on what you

have written.”

“She should have said so.”
Yes she should have.

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