Window Shopping with Mary

In Amsterdam I window-shopped after all of the shops had closed. (Wise, no?)

On a day that included the Keukenhof Gardens near Haarlem, boat races in Leiden, a train/taxi trip to Amsterdam, a tour of the Anne Frank House and dinner at the Pancake Bakery I was plum tuckered out and decided to head “home”.

At 10:00 o’clock the sky over Amsterdam was all midnight blues and wisps of pinks as I walked towards my tram stop in Dam Square in the centre of the old city. (Okay, I know that I shouldn’t but I still giggle every time I hear the word “dam”… it’s my inner seventh grader at play).

I still don’t know exactly where the red light district is but it seemed a million miles from these quiet streets and canals.

Peering out at me from two different store windows was the Virgin Mary. The first one I named “Mary of The Jewels” as I found her in the window of a jewelry shop. My second sighting of Mary was in the jumbled window of an antique shop. There she was… wedged in between old chandeliers and turqoise cups and saucers. Peaceful.

Wherever I travel, she always manages to find me.

Where was your last Mary sighting?

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