Hey there Suzy!

It’s been a very good day.

Ping! Into my inbox dropped our first e-mail from the intrepid train-traveling Suzy who is well (and hilarious) and back in Budapest after her trip to Turin. Perhaps I should get little cards, with my e-mail address, printed up for our travels.


  1. Heather,I just checked out the Moo cards. They are fantastic! I was just messing around, really, but now that I see how easy it is to do, I think I will dive in and order some. Thanks!Unfortunately, I don't know any real live Valencians. I have been there but just for a couple of days… not long enough to make any real connections with locals.Have you heard about this site called CouchSurfing? You can find it at http://www.couchsurfing.comCouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. You don't actually have to stay on peoples' couches… you can also just hook up for a coffee. I have not used the service yet but a friend at my school uses the site to network and meet up with interesting people on his travels.Good luck!Teacher Girl

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