A Cake Story (Set in Prague)

This lovely little Prague cafe saved us from a cold, cold day.

Crisp green and white stripes welcomed us.

Black Forest cake beckoned. It knew my name. I was helpless.

It arrived in all its dark forest splendor. I could hardly bear to eat it. But I did.

The women dream of a cake of their own.


  1. Oh my, yes… if you were still there I would ask you to FedEx me a piece…I loved the Easter Eggs too – both real size in the window complete with vase and view and also the oversize woven one [larger than DP]…Spring IS coming…CJ

  2. And I would have found a way to smuggle it out to you. We've become strangely adept at sending food items home to Canada (see adventures with dried tomatoes and manchego cheese).Spring IS coming. I want to believe!

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