Postcard from Budapest, Hungary

We began our first trip to Eastern Europe (or Central Europe, depending on who you ask) with three days in Budapest and I just LOVE this city! I genuinely wish you were here.

These are a few of my favourite Budapest-things, in no particular order: our boat tour down the Danube on which we were the only tourists (the guide had to work hard not to laugh when addressing the “ladies and gentlemen”); the delightful self-deprecating sense of humour of Hungarians; “Shalimar“, an Indian restaurant offering up such amazing food that we ate there twice; the hand-painted Russian style nesting dolls (even though I did not manage to buy even one for myself); laughing out LOUD with our tour guide Adina; the Little Princess statue, the “Passion” ballet performed at the Hungarian State Opera House; still-warm cherry strudel from a tiny bakery in the Castle District; the Great Market Hall (so clean you could eat off the floor); internet use at a reasonable rate; eating sacher torte and hazelnut truffle cake at an old Art Nouveau coffee house “Garbeaud” while it rained outside; excellent service in restaurants and hotels, and a relaxed vibe throughout the city. I wish we had one more day to soak up the city’s good things including the Széchenyi Baths. DP and I have promised ourselves that we will return. (Those Russian nesting dolls will be mine!)

Teacher Girl

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