For Jay and Jenny on their Wedding Day

Having lived in Mexico, home of the Virgen Guadalupe, for seven years, I now see the Virgin Mary everywhere I travel. And she sees me. Round and pink-cheeked, she keeps watch from 500 year-old paintings in Italian museums. Protectively, she gazes down at me in the cold chapels of ancient stone churches. Serenely, she looks out from riotously coloured calendars and slightly-tacky plaques in tiny Asian restaurants.

DP will say “Look up!” and there she is again, restoring my sense that everything is right with the universe.

We found this Victorian-looking Virgin and Child nesting in an alcove high up on a wall of Budapest’s Castle district. I thought of Mexico, then of our dear friends Jay and Jenny who are being married today, March 23rd, in Mexico.

May this sweet-cheeked Hungarian Madonna watch over and bless you during your wedding day.

Enjoy your extraordinary life together.

DP and Teacher Girl


  1. M and DP,Thanks so much for the sentiments expressed… We are now hitched.. well, to be honest… we are as hitched now as we were last week… I don't mean to talk poorly about the step we have taken, but for me, I know that this is a long term thing. That will not be aided/protected by a wedding… In the words or a great friend, "It is what it is." (not Popeye.. he said I am what I am. (ever so slightly different…)")I loved the picture… we were shopping tonight and saw a Virgen statue but it turned out to be nothing more than an odorno.. i.e. – not for sale… foiled…take care,Jay

  2. Jay!I can't even tell you HOW much I get it… your thoughts about getting hitched and what that means and the fact that you were already committed to each other. What I do like about a wedding is that it is a day where you can gather (almost) all of your closest friends and family members together (maybe in a fantastic Mexican sea-side town) and celebrate. A wedding is a day during which you can actually talk about LOVE and people (probably) won't get all weirded out. I think that's lovely and I am more than a little sad that we couldn't be there for your love-party. The picture is a goodie, no? I am teaching myself (under the supervision of D.) how to intensify the colour, adjust the contrast blah blah blah, etc. It still feels a bit like cheating but I'll soon be over that! I am becoming a technology-wizard.Hugs and besos to you and Jenny J.Teacher Girl

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