Annotated Packing List: Budapest and Prague

On Saturday morning we leave for seven days and nights in Eastern Europe, first Budapest and then Prague. Here’s what I will pack for the trip:
One medium-sized suitcase[1]
One pair of jeans[2]
One pair of black trousers[3]
Various underthings[4]
A collection of short sleeved and long sleeved t-shirts[5]
Rick Steves’ Best of Eastern Europe[6]
A couple of scarves[7]
My MEC hiking boots[8]
“Girl Maintenance” items (hair dryer with adapter, brush, personal hygiene items)[9]
Moleskin journal[10]
My black fleece and my blue and black MEC shell[11]
Digital camera[12]
Roll of toilet paper[13]
Face cloth[14]
[1] Must be large enough that I can take my pillow. Seriously, I know that’s crazy but I have weird neck and back stuff that I inherited from my mom (thanks, mom!) and having my own predictably-firm pillow helps me to be a happier traveller!

[2] because I almost never get to wear them at school (just the last Friday of the month) and I love-love-love to wear them. I’m having my childhood late!

[3] just in case we plan to dine at a nice restaurant!

[4] not to be named in this blog!

[5] Plain colours are best for mixing and matching with bottoms… um, jeans and black trousers.

[6] Wherever you are right now, Rick, you should know that I adore you. DP knows and he is not even remotely jealous. We have used Rick’s guides in Lisbon, Florence, Rome, Venice, Paris, and all over Spain (Granada, Sevilla, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid). Funny enough, the only place we don’t consult his guide for is Barcelona.

[7] I bought several fabulous scarves in Florence at Christmas time and they transform a long sleeved tee and jeans into a lovely pulled together outfit. Posh.

[8] less posh, certainly, but without which I would be sore-feet and sprained-ankle girl. Slow-pokey and cranky. Three cheers for the hiking boots. I have worn them so much in Barcelona that they are starting to look a bit too-well-loved.

[9] I carry my girl stuff in a cherry red Rick Steves bag that I can hang from the back of the bathroom door. This comes in handy as European hotel rooms are notoriously small. I mean tiny. This particular group of items pushes me (and my packing list) into the high maintenance category. I envy DPs small knapsack. It’s true! I have knapsack envy!

[10] for obsessive list-making and record keeping: great restaurants, funny anecdotes, and blogging ideas.

[11] That damned coat that I have worn in every outdoor photo taken in the last 8 years. We just checked the weather and it seems that the temperatures will range between ten degrees and zero. CCCCCold (for us)!

[12] for pics of a part of Europe we do not yet know and for shots of DP who SO loves to have his photo taken.

[13] We never leave home without it! (A lesson we first learned in Colombia).

[14] Rare in European hotel rooms.

[15] I almost never get this right. Choosing the perfect novel for a trip is an art form. Or maybe a science. Either way, it’s a discipline in which I am not very disciplined.

[16] You never know when you are going to meet and fall in love with the perfect ceramic bowl. And what if you want to invite it to come home with you?


  1. teacher girl, you are so adorable! of course you are so smart to include bubble wrap in your list…there are a plethora of adorable ceramic bowls in this world that i know i would love to invite home with me. good luck making it home with only one. have a great time on your trip. send a blessing our way on sunday the,jenny j

  2. Hi JennyJ!Believe it or not, there was no ceramic-bowl-buying! I saw one bowl that I liked but it was really BIG and we spent a lot of money on experiences during this vacation: private tours of Budapest and Prague, a guided trip to Terezin, tickets to the ballet in Budapest and to a marionette show in Pargue. So I did not need the bubble wrap after all although I did need the toilet paper!DP and I will be thinking of you and Jay on the 23rd of March… we so wish we could be there!Teacher Girl

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