The Power of DP

Our Kindergarten/Grade 1 class performed, on Friday, a play about Egypt to parents and other members of the school community. Margarita, friend and driver of the “Margarita Bus”, is a co-teacher of the little actors and while the students learned about Egypt and rehearsed for the play, Margarita recorded their learning on video. She was really excited to share her film with the students after the play.

When DP and I met her on Friday morning Margarita was pacing in the alley beside the door to her parking lot, holding her Mac Book Pro open and staring into it as if she hoped to find the meaning of life inside. When we got closer, she explained that she had completed the film in i-movie during the wee small hours of the morning and that she was waiting for it to publish. DP took the computer and kept it open as we piled into her Land Rover and headed for school. Twelve minutes later, DP quietly read out the error code. ACK! The play was in the first period of the day so there wasn’t enough time to try to publish the movie again. Margarita thought perhaps she could show it directly from her computer using an LCD projector and her mac cables. Would that work? DP agreed with her plan. Ever ready to help, I reminded Margarita of the location of DPs classroom… just in case.

Fast forward to noon on Friday. I had heard from a number of teachers that the play was totally adorable and congratulated Margarita when I saw her in the Teachers’ Lounge. She laughed, and then asked if I had seen DP that morning; I had not seen him since before school began. She explained that they had some scary technical difficulties setting up the film and she sent her co-teacher E. up to his classroom to fetch him and his technical expertise. She said that DP totally saved their butts.

When the problems had been solved, E. said, “Now, doesn’t that make you believe in God?”

Margarita responded, “No. It makes me believe in DP.”

The NEW HEADER for my blog comes courtesy of DP in whom we believe.

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