Mexico, I Miss You!

We have a very good life in Barcelona but, sometimes, I find myself missing Mexico:
– trips to San Miguel de Allende and the Dr. Seuss cactus trees along the way
– our enormous (4 bedroom) house in Ventanas de la Huasteca… all that space that went wildly under-utilized and under-appreciated!
– folk art
– the kids (so funny… so open…)
– school plays, Drama Festivals and David Ives’ plays
– the Huasteca Canyon and living just under the most beautiful part of Monterrey
– the moles at Casa Oaxaca in MTY
– genuinely friendly people
– Jay and Jenny (Happy 40th, Jay, & happy almost-wedding day!)
– the Chateaubriand at “La Leche”
– cool religious art
– limonada
– Sarah and Roberto (Happy new married-ness!)
– the taco stand near our house… tacos with lime
– the Virgen de Guadalupe and her Basilica in Mexico City
– friendly waiters
– finishing work at 3:45 p.m.
– Playa del Carmen
– how much you could buy with 200 pesos (20 dollars)
– Oaxaca
– houses painted in vivid colours (exteriors and interiors)
– guacamole
– the huge blue leather reclining seats at the VIP Cinema at San Agustin Mall… where the staff would bring nutella crepes to your seat
– Betty and Leo; Olivia; all of our friends
– cheap (but amazing) silver jewelry
– the crepe restaurant in Zacatecas
– the exploding Judases at San Miguel on Easter Sunday
– fireworks (Safety First)
– the cool and calm interiors of Mexican churches


  1. Ohhh! I made your list! I miss you too M…and DP!As much as I am ready to leave Mexico, I imagine I will be posting a similarly titled list from my (much tinier) abode in Thailand in a year. :)Four weeks until the wedding. Can you believe it?

  2. Hey Jenny!Yup… you will miss Mexico… absolutely. Live in every square centimeter of your huge glorious house between now and the summer.We wish we could be there for your nuptials! In spirit, then!

  3. If I were to make a list of the things that are missing from Mexico… you and DP would be at the TOP!!! Roberto and I miss you too… please consider coming back! It's not the same without you. 🙂 Sarah

  4. Hi Sweet Sarah-Girl,That is so lovely! Thanks!There is nothing that we would like more than a visit to MTY. It's just about timing… and a healthy Euro/peso exchange rate! Keep the faith!Teacher Girl

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