Postcard from Venice, Italy

January 13, 2008

Mom and I are in Venice for the weekend. Last year when she visited, we went to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and she let it slip that she had always wanted to visit Venice.

Her wish is my travel plan. The weather (which I must address here as I want to retain my status as a good Canadian) has been quite grey but neither the maddening fog nor the persistent drizzle can dampen our enthusiasm for Venezia. The city has cast its magic on us. Mom says Venice is wonderful. WONDERFUL!

We are standing on the Accademia Bridge, looking up the Grand Canal towards Santa Maria della Salute. After 50 years of construction, the church was completed in 1682 as a Thank You card to God for stopping the 1630 Plague that had wiped out one third of the population of Venice. The name of the church translates to Saint Mary of Health.

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