Postcard from Florence, Italy

January 1, 2008

The light in Florence is decadent like dessert.

On our second trip to Florence, we took the high speed train from Rome. It was like going home. We stayed in a little hotel that was also the couple’s piso or apartment; in order to get to our room we had to walk through their dining and living areas. This gave us the opportunity to make friends with Pino’s parrot.

Favourite Florentine things:
– the food (and olive oil) at ZaZas; caprese salad; tiramasu
– sleeping in as late as we liked
– walking everywhere but not going anywhere in a hurry!
– the Italian Renaissance and religious art in the Uffizi Gallery
– shopping (sun dried tomatoes from the Central Market for DPs family; scarves for my mom and sisters; ceramics for me)
– the buttery late afternoon light.

Teacher Girl
P.S. Did I mention the light?

Photo Credit: DP

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