Postcard from Camp Nou, Barcelona

January 15, 2008

Even thought it’s a school night, DP, Principal-guy and I are at a Barca game at Camp Nou. Start time is 9:30 p.m. Barca is playing Sevilla tonight and it is wicked WICKED cold. (Happily, I am all warm and cosy in the Barca scarf that Barb gave me for my birthday last year). We stopped at Pan & Company in Sarria and bought bocadillos for half-time but they were wrapped in cellophane instead of aluminum foil so we were not able to emulate that quintessential sound of the homemade bocadillo being opened.

The first half was, in truth, pretty boring. The last ten minutes, however, were VERY exciting. The men in front of us could hardly stay in their seats. In the end, the two teams were tied and we learned that our friend, Principal-guy, hates a tie.

We got our nose-bleed section tickets for just 10 Euros so there are no complaints from these fans. Go Barca!

Teacher Girl

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