A rose by any other name: Seeking a blog title

In response to issues raised in my last blog entry, Jay suggested that I start a new blog as opposed to changing this one.

I thought, “Cool. How hard can that be?” Ha!

a story about blanca
I have spent two full days “storming my brain” for ideas. Let’s pause, actually, for a story about Blanca, this adorable grade 5 student that I tutor. She and I were discussing a writing assignment she had begun working on and she told me, with enormous pride, that she had finished the pre-writing stage of the project.

“I don’t know if I am saying it exactly right… but I stormed my brain.”

So cute.

the storming of my brain for blog titles
So I have been “storming my brain” for blog titles. The new blog will be about travel, writing, learning and teaching and how these things can transform ones life. As it will be public, the new bog will be less personal than “Barcelona Moments” and I will probably use a fun pen name.

Please find, below, the tentative titles that D. and I like the most and that are available as domain names. (This has been an important, time-consuming, and slightly crazy-making part of the research phase.)

my request for you
My request for you is that you comment (below) OR e-mail me with your three to five favourites blog titles.

If you have a suggestion of your own, please send it. Thanks, lovelies!

the short list

(A) home in the world
6000 km of separation
All the roads taken
Anthropology café
Anthropology girl
Blogging by memory
Blue sky (wherever you go)
Cultural amendment
Faraway café
Fourth culture girl
Give one, get one
Happenstance by design
Happenstance café
Her sweet life
In a blur
In a café faraway
In between worlds
Madly Spinning World
Mirror world adventures
Monna meets world
Never the same world twice
Notes from a café
Notes from a small planet
Notes from Happenstance Cafe
Notes from my moleskin
Notes from the corner of Happenstance & Planet
Push the stars
Small world but i wouldn’t want to paint it
Stories, not atoms
Storming my brain
Sweet life café
Teach, Travel, Write, Learn
Teaching on three continents: Stories from Spain, Mexico and Colombia
The art of cultural change
The art of world-watching
The culture girl
The Home Away
The reciprocity of travel
The teachable moment
The/an idea of home
This/the (sometimes) sweet life
View from a moving window
Ways of being wise
What’s needed for the voyage


  1. These are my faves, in no particular order:Monna meets worldNever the same world twice Notes from a small planet Notes from Happenstance CafeSmall world but i wouldn’t want to paint itStorming my brain -the story about the girl would have to be on the front page at all times.. coolSweet life caféThe reciprocity of travel – niceView from a moving window -you did a story about a woman on a bus that could headline

  2. Monna:I've been a bit swamped – but I did want you to know that I love the blog posts – and I do want to encourage you to write, write, write for that Nov. 30th deadline! What a great idea for a website. As for titles – my very favorite when I read the list was Monna meets World, but I also liked View from a moving window!Just quick thoughts from me!Barb

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